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Congratulations to WSSC alumni Jon Tobon and Jordan Stolz on being selected to the 2022-2023 Long Track Junior National Team and WSSC alumni Piper Yde on being selected to the 2022-2023 Long Track National Development Team!

U.S. Speedskating 2021/22 Club of The Year (Large Size)

US Championships and Junior Championships 

January 6th - 8th, 2023

WSA Gold Cup

February 4th, 2023

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The Club has been in existence over 90 years (formerly known as West Allis Speed Skating Club and Badger Speed Skating). We are proud to say that our club coaches have trained 24 Olympians, more than 50 World Team members, and over 95 National champions. In addition we have provided hundreds of skaters the opportunity to compete in local, state, and national meets.

Whether a skater aspires to be an Olympic athlete or to enjoy skating as a hobby, our club coaches will help the skater achieve their goals. Speed skating is for people of all ages, young and old. We look forward to having you and your family as members of our exciting organization.

Jori Kola
Program Director/Head Coach

2021 AAC Dedication To Sport Award Recipient

"Over the course of my time with the program I learned a great deal more from my coaches, teammates, and the community at large. I was able to compete internationally under this program, finally achieving one of my biggest goals in the sport. I’m fortunate that my skating journey landed me at the Pettit, as it’s local culture has inspired me a coach..."

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Audrey Steffes
Assistant Long Track Coach

"I started teaching Learn to Speed Skate classes about two years ago, and then last year I also started teaching Learn to Skate classes. I've also helped coach at a couple different camps, including one of the Elmbrook Speed Skating Camps this past summer."

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Tommy Fitzgerald
Assistant Long Track Coach

"Hello my name is Tommy Fitzgerald and I’m a long track speed skating coach for the Wisconsin Speed Skating Club. I am from Suffield Connecticut and have recently moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin to further my skating career..."

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The 2022-2023 Season Has Begun

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Holiday Classic Long Track

Long Track Pack Style Meet

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Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee, WI

Pettit National Ice Center, Milwaukee, WI



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