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Where does the club practice? 

All practices (long track and short track) are held at the Pettit National Ice Center. 


What is required for membership?  

To compete in speedskating events, two memberships are required. 

  • Membership with the Wisconsin Speedskating Club, which includes a Wisconsin Speedskating Association membership. 

  • Membership with US Speedskating, which provides USS insurance during sanctioned events. 

Our club membership fee covers coaching, short track ice time, and other miscellaneous costs for the club. It does not include equipment or long track ice time. 

We require all skaters under the age of 13 to participate in both short track and long track. 


What type of equipment is required? 

  • Skate boots and blades. Younger skaters may use just short track (non-clap) skates for both short and long track. The club does have a limited inventory of skates available to rent for new skaters. 

  • Helmet - A helmet is required by the club for long track for skaters under the age of 18 and required by rule for short track for all skaters. A speed skating designated helmet is required for short track and national long track meets. A bike helmet is ok for general use.

  • Cut resistant gloves - required for short track and recommended for long track.

  • Skin suit - not required at lower levels but recommended. A cut resistant suit is required for short track and long track nationals. It should have knee and shin pads for short track.

  • Neck guard - Required for short track and long track nationals.


How competitive is the club?

We seek to serve all levels of skaters, from novices to masters. No skater is too young or old. 

Can I try it first? 

If interested in speedskating, we encourage you to try out the Pettit Learn to Speedskate program. An interested person can also join two of our practices for free to see what we are about! 

Other requirements? 

As we are a volunteer based club, all members (or parents) are required to volunteer at our meets. The more you can help, the better. Don’t worry - there are non-technical roles and there are plenty of people to teach you any role you’re interested in!  

How do I join? 

Fill out the info submission form on the home page, or email

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